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Hello Kitty Slime

Hello Kitty Slime

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Indulge in a satisfying sensory experience with our DIY clay slime, inspired by Hello Kitty! Create your own ASMR goodness by mixing the adorable clay Hello Kitty into the mesmerizing icee slime base. Unleash your creativity and relish in hours of relaxing fun with this charming and one-of-a-kind clay slime kit.

• Type: Icee Base with DIY Clay Add-in
• Scent: ~

All of our slimes come with 1tsp of borax
You will also get a care sheet that will advise you on how to keep your slime in tip-top shape.

Our slime products contain:
Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA Glue) and Borax

May also contain:
Colorants such as acrylic paint or dyes, fragrance oils, unscented lotion, glycerin, clay, craft materials
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