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Grapefruit Jelly Slime

Grapefruit Jelly Slime

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Get your hands on Grapefruit Jelly Slime, where vibrant colors meet the satisfying crunch and squish! This jelly slime is not just a feast for the eyes in its vivid pink hue but also a sensory treat with its unique texture and playful grapefruit fimo slices embedded within. Ideal for both slime enthusiasts and those seeking a fun, sensory stress-reliever, this slime offers the perfect balance of jelly and crunch.

🌟 Vibrant Pink Color: A visually appealing, bright pink shade that captures the essence of juicy grapefruits.
🍊 Grapefruit Fimo Slices: Realistic and cute, these slices add an extra layer of fun and texture.
💥 Crunchy Texture: Experience the satisfying crunch in every squish, perfect for sensory play.
🍋 Jelly Slime Consistency: Smooth, stretchy, and incredibly fun to play with.
🌈 Scented: Infused with a light, fruity scent to enhance your slime-playing experience.
🎁 Great for Gifts: Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or as a unique surprise for slime lovers and collectors.
🧘 Stress-Relieving Fun: Not just for kids, it's a wonderful sensory tool for adults looking to relax.

Whether you're adding to your collection or discovering the joy of slime for the first time, our Grapefruit Jelly Slime promises endless fun and relaxation. Embrace the crunch, squish to your heart's content, and let this slime be your go-to for sensory satisfaction.

We're a UK slime shop and all of our slimes are also handmade in the UK.

All orders come with 1tsp of activation powder (borax)
You will also get a care sheet that will advise you on how to keep your slime in tip-top shape.

Our slime products contain:
Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA Glue) and Borax

May also contain:
Colorants such as acrylic paint or dyes, fragrance oils, unscented lotion, glycerin, clay, craft materials

Please note: Add-ins and colours may vary slightly from the listing photo, this may be due to supplier stock.

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