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Peach Melba Slime

Peach Melba Slime

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Get ready to fall in love with our Peach Melba Icee Slime – the fluffiest, most delightful slime experience you'll ever have! Perfect for ASMR enthusiasts and slime lovers alike, this isn't just any slime; it's a whole mood, designed to whisk you away to a world of sensory joy.

🍑 Gorgeous Swirls of Pink and Peach: Like holding a sunset in your hands, the colors mix beautifully as you play, creating new shades every time.

🌸 Dreamy Scent: Infused with the sweet aromas of peach and raspberry, your slime time becomes an olfactory delight.

❄️ Icee Texture: Imagine the fluffy, icy texture of an icee in slime form. It's super satisfying to squish and stretch!

🎈 Fluffy Fun for Everyone: Whether you're a slime veteran or new to the game, this fluffy and icee combination will entertain and soothe.

🎉 Perfect Gift: Looking for a unique gift? Our Peach Melba Icee Slime is ideal for birthdays, surprises, or just because.

🌈 Stress Relief: Not just for fun, this slime is your go-to for sensory stress relief. Relax and unwind with every squish.

Our Peach Melba Icee Slime is more than just a toy; it's a fluffy, scented slice of happiness ready to make your day brighter and a whole lot more fun.

All orders come with 1tsp of activation powder (borax)
You will also get a care sheet that will advise you on how to keep your slime in tip-top shape.

Our slime products contain:
Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA Glue) and Borax

May also contain:
Colorants such as acrylic paint or dyes, fragrance oils, unscented lotion, glycerin, clay, craft materials

Please note: Add-ins and colours may vary slightly from the listing photo, this may be due to supplier stock.

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