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Slime Mystery Box

Slime Mystery Box

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Gift the perfect gift with this Slime Mystery Box. Filled with super satisfying slimes from our collection.

You choose how many you want, and in what size and we will ensure they're filled with quality and mesmerising slimes.

This box tends to work out better value than hand-picking your own x-amount of slimes!

You will receive a nicely presented box including:
- Random slimes of your quantity (we try to vary the textures as much as possible)
- Slime care products such as activator powder and care sheet
- Extra add-ins where needed
- Some goodies!
- We may also throw in some tester slimes, but not guaranteed

Our slime products contain:
Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA Glue) and Borax

May also contain:
Colorants such as acrylic paint or dyes, fragrance oils, unscented lotion, glycerin, clay (in butter slimes), craft materials

Please note: Add-ins and colours may vary slightly from the slime's original listing photo, this may be due to supplier stock.
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