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Tropical Water Slime

Tropical Water Slime

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Tropical Water slime is a beautiful clear aqua slime that is sure to capture your attention. The clear slime is filled with glitter, giving it a sparkling and shimmering appearance. The light pineapple scent adds to the overall tropical theme of the slime, making it a perfect choice for those who love the beach and warm weather.

One of the best things about Tropical Water slime is the satisfying crunch and pop it creates when played with. The crystal-clear slime is crunchy and adds an extra element of texture to the play experience. This type of slime is often referred to as ASMR slime because the satisfying sounds it creates can be relaxing and calming for some people.

In addition to being a fun and satisfying slime to play with, Tropical Water slime is also a great tool for stress relief and mindfulness. The act of playing with slime can be therapeutic and help to reduce anxiety and tension. The calming scent and sparkling glitter only add to the overall calming effect of the slime.

Overall, Tropical Water slime is a beautiful and fun slime that is perfect for anyone looking to relax and de-stress. Its clear, crunchy texture and pineapple scent make it a unique and enjoyable choice for slime lovers of all ages.

• Type: Clear 💎
• Scent: Lightly Scented Pineapple 🍍
• Size: 8oz Container 📐

We're a UK slime shop and all of our slimes are also handmade in the UK.

All of our slimes come with 1tsp of borax
You will also get a care sheet that will advise you on how to keep your slime in tip-top shape.

Our slime products contain:
Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA Glue) and Borax

May also contain:
Colorants such as acrylic paint or dyes, fragrance oils, unscented lotion, glycerin, clay, craft materials

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